Empowering Women in Business.

Executive Director of EasyPay, Mrs. Linda Shomo, participated in the panel of “Empowering Woman in Business”-organized by CEED Albania in the framework of the Regional Growth Project (REG-Regional Economic Growth). This was the first activity with focus on women entrepreneurs. The overall objective of this initiative, Empowering Women in Business (EWB – Empowering Woman in Business), is to increase leadership and management skills of women entrepreneurs, reducing the gap of human capital and increasing the number of women entrepreneurs / managers who own or manage small/medium business. In this event were invited representatives from USAID, public institutions and successful women in business. The event was supported by Mrs. Emanuela Pepkola Zaimi (Founder of Down Syndrome Foundation Albania), Mrs. Linda Shomo (Executive Director of EasyPay Ltd) and Mrs. Serena Nikolin Leka (Network of Excellent Students UT). This event is considered as the most important of this initiative because it helped to identify those entrepreneurs which would be part later in the training activities.