Women in Business Breakfast, organised by Sotmëria Association

May 23rd was a day that started with positive energy and many inspirational ideas for women entrepreneurs. An informal meeting organized by the Sotmëria Association near Xheko Imperial brought together many women and girls to discuss and share their experiences and ideas in the field of business. The main part of this event was Linda Shomo’s talk, CEO of EasyPay, who shared her honest experience during her journey as a successful entrepreneur.

She talked about her childhood, early youth and driving dilemmas, her parents’ influence, how she started her successful business and how Linda Shomo administers her time between business and family as a mother and as entrepreneur. A point of inspiration for understanding that through work and devotion a woman can achieve every wish and dream of hers.

Some of the notable participants during the event, included the Dutch Ambassador to Albania, Ms Dewi van de Weerd, representatives from the British Embassy and the UK – Albania Tech Hub, the NAWE group, Sotmeria and others.

With the confidence that the network of women entrepreneurs will expand even more, by sharing experience and face to face advice for competition in the market, we would like women and girls in Albania to undertake more initiatives and join similar meetings in support for their ventures.