Tirana Marathon 2018 – EasyPay, official sponsor

Tirana Marathon 2018 comes again this year in its 3rd edition, being the biggest sport event in the city.

The race will be held on October 7 and will be divided into 3 categories: Half Marathon (21, 0975 km), Tirana 10K and “We too”.

EasyPay is ready to support this major event as a payments’ sponsor.

EasyPay provides the online payment service for the marathon.

Payments can be made online at https://tiranamarathon.com/ where more payment information is available. There are three payment options:

  • Pay directly with the EasyPay button – You must have or create an active account at EasyPay.
  • Pay with Visa – If you own a Visa card, you can pay directly from your card.
  • Purchase physically at the nearest agent EasyPay across Albania. (bit.ly/agjenteasypay)