EasyPay supports the Second Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament

EasyPay sponsored the Second Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament, held in Tirana on March 15-18.

European Youth Parliament is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with its headquarters in Berlin and its representations in all European countries. The aim of this organization is to develop young people in the political field, to teach them how to be responsible as an active European citizen and to be part of multicultural experiences.

Such organizations, called Forums and Sessions, are organized in different countries of Albania. This year’s goal was Tirana, the city that represents the whole nation and preserves the values ​​of our culture as a strategic point. During this event, a large group of young people from Tirana had the opportunity of academic and social development.

EasyPay, beyond the support and sponsorship of these youth-related activities, often contributes with motivating speeches on how to be successful.

During the closing ceremony, one of the representatives of EasyPay, its Deputy Director Mr. Ardit Mero, shared with the young people his work experience and his advice on how to progress and succeed.

For more information about this event visit: https://www.facebook.com/eypalbania/