E-commerce with EasyPay

Enjoy E-commerce with EasyPay!

You can now make online and mobile payments directly from your mobile phone or desktop, using your EasyPay account. We are working every day to increase the number of our online merchants; our partners in E-commerce so far are as following:

e-Albania is the governmental portal where the governmental services in the physical offices of the institutions are offered electronically thanks to the Government Interoperability Platform that interconnects the systems of these institutions with each other. The portal is conceived as a one stop shop where a citizen can be registered only by using his Albanian ID card and is served by seeking and applying for the service he needs. Visit www.e-albania.al.

DigitAlb is the largest digital satellite and terrestrial platform in Albania and diaspora. DigitAlb subscriptions and renewals can be paid with EasyPay, PayPal, Visa or MasterCard at: http://pay-dga.com/

Aladini.al (previously named as Dyqan Taxi) has everything for you, from phone accessories, electronics, clothing, and other books. Visit www.aladini.al to get to know the products of Dyqan Taxi.

Bukinist.al is an online book store, within which there is a wide range of publications; from the artbooks, schoolbooks, academic, professional, children’s books, catalogs, albums, post stamps and postcards. Visit www.bukinist.al to benefit from online books in Albanian; sales and shipments all over the world.

Ide Dhuratash is an online gift store where there are variety of unique and personalized gift choices that match every character and event. Visit www.idedhuratash.al for more.

Librari Albas gives the opportunity to all students and book lovers to buy Albas editions online, in the preferred version, ie physical or digital books. Visit www.librarialbas.al for more.

Down Syndrome Albania (DSA) is a foundation with the mission to provide for individuals with the Down Syndrome in Albania, the full integration in society, independence and high quality of life. Donate online at http://www.easypay.al/sherbimet/donacione/ in order to provide free therapies to children with the Down Syndrome.

Babagjyshi Sekret is a project designed by the “Ura” Association, in collaboration with Connext, which intends to intensify the end of year festive atmosphere by sending smiles exactly to those whose smiles our society mostly needs. Visit www.babagjyshisekret.al  to fulfill a child’s wish.

Beba.al is the largest and the only online platform in Albania which provides products for pregnant mothers and babies up to the age of 5. Visit www.beba.al for more.

PrintON focuses on printing and office products. After many years of experience in the field of printing and in the e-commerce world, PrintOn has selected the best producers and can offer the best quality at the lowest price in the market. Visit www.printon.al for more.

Connext is a marketing and communications agency that provides professional solutions for a wide range of institutions, companies and businesses. Click here to find out more about Connext: www.connext.al . Some of the projects we have collaborated with Connext and Pentagrami include: Online tickets for the Alban Skenderaj’s Concert, Colour Day Festival, Diva Show etc.

Destil Hostel is an alternative community that is changing the concept of using public spaces in Albania, through diverse cultural and musical arrangements. Buy Destil tickets online bit.ly/destiltirana, with no additional fees.

Pentagrami is the newest platform for concerts and music events in Albania. You can now buy tickets online for various events at www.pentagrami.al, with EasyPay. Some of the projects we have collaborated with Connext and Pentagrami include: Online tickets for the Alban Skenderaj’s Concert, Colour Day Festival, Diva Show etc.

On Time Concept is a communications and event management agency, who have provided online tickets with EasyPay for events such as Rruga Drejt Suksesit, with the CEO and Founder of Agna Group, Vasil Naçi.

Turtle Fest is the largest Albanian music festival that gathers over 5000 participants every year. Online Tickets provided by EasyPay at turtle-fest.com/tickets/, with no additional fees.

Mythod.al is the first personal training school in Italy, which arrives in Albania for the first time ➡️www.mythod.al! You can make payments through our EasyPay agents’ network all over Albania as well.

Agog Marketing is a company that manages the presence of organizations on different social networks in the most effective way. Organizations will always have a professional, curated and contemporary image in their social accounts.  Agog organises regular workshops on social media, for which you can pay with EasyPay at no additional fees: www.agogmarketing.com

New Media Communications is a ‘Communications Lab’ that offers marketing services and organises various events on entrepreneurship, as part of their projects which include Business Magazine Albania, Allweb Education etc. Visit www.newmedia.al for more.

Altissia Privè is a private online shopping club where registered people can find the most exclusive brands of clothing, accessories, shoes and cosmetics at discount prices with up to 70% off. For more, visit www.altissiaprive.al.

Tirana Marathon is the largest sporting event in the capital of Albania, with a participation of more than 2500 runners from 40 different countries around the world. Payment and registration in this activity can be done at www.tiranamarathon.com.

Music Deal is the newest platform for events in Albania. Tickets for ‘Daddy Yankee in Tirana’ and ‘Electric Albania’ events can be purchased online at EasyPay or at any EasyPay point across the country. More information on Music Deal: www.musicdeal.al.

Rave Travel is a travel and event agency, through which EasyPay offers the tickets of Sunny Hill Festival in Albania, the largest festival of the region organized by Dua Lipa and her father, Dukagjin Lipa. More info: www.sunnyhillfestival.com.

TEDxTirana is an independently organized event in Tirana that aims to create the unique experience of TED talks. TEDx sold online tickets for the first time with EasyPay: tedxtirana.com

ALLWEB is the largest digital marketing conference in Albania. For the first time, they offered EasyPay as a local payment method. More info: allweb.al/easypay

Fustanella Festival is a musical festival with roots in Albanian identity but transformed in the modernity of a global world. Online tickets were made available for the first time by EasyPay: ticket.easypay.al/festivals/fustanella/tickets

AIESEC is the largest youth organization in the world that seeks to achieve peace and development of human potential by promoting leadership skills for young people through practical experiences in challenging environments. Online tickets for AIESEC events in Albania can now be purchased with EasyPay.

EcoArt is a tourism platform that supports small local businesses and organizes events that promote Albanian tourism. Online payments for EcoArt events were made available by EasyPay: ecoart.al/en/events

Food Bank Albania is a non-profit organization devoted to the fight against food poverty and food waste in Albania. You can make donation payments online with EasyPay at: bit.ly/foodbankEP

Sapientify is the newest platform for online courses and lessons in Albania. Payments can be made online with EasyPay. For more information: www.sapientify.com.

Wedding Planners Albania is an online platform that sells custom hand-made products. You can buy your favourite products online with EasyPay.

SoonEbuy.al etc.

How can I pay with EasyPay?

If you’re at an online platform that collaborates with us and you’re ready to check out:

  • Select EasyPay as a payment method
  • Login at your EasyPay account using your credentials*
  • Click Confirm. You will receive a confirmation email and an electronic receipt.

* If you do not have an EasyPay account, you can download the EasyPay app for free on Android, iOS or Windows. EasyPay is a prepaid account that you can credit with Visa or MasterCard, directly from your bank account or with cash at the nearest EasyPay location. EasyPay account maintenance and account top-ups are free of charge; even for top-ups using a card, we cover bank fees as well.

Would you like to join the EasyPay merchant community? Send us an email at marketing@easypay.al.