Linda Shomo at “Argument” TV Show: First and foremost, innovation is a mindset!

Last Monday evening, Mrs. Linda Shomo, CEO & Founder of EasyPay, was invited on Scan TV’s show “Argument”, with the purpose of sharing her opinion and experience regarding “The Albanian Innovation Challenge”.

Other participants in the panel of discussion were Fabiola Duro, Head of Innovation Nest; Kushtrim Shala, Founder of ICTSlab and Daniel Guce, Expert of Business and Entrepreneurship.


Linda Shomo stated that: “Innovation is first and foremost a mindset, and Albania needs such a mindset in order to spur innovation, which brings added value to society. In order to bring innovation and add value, you don’t simply need to think of the innovation, but you actually need to do it – you need motivation and a lot of work. It is certain that companies have much more opportunities for innovation than the public sector. We as a company have brought innovation in the payment sector, because through EasyPay, the customers can make payments that the banking sector didn’t use to offer before.”

You can watch the full discussion in the following link:

(Only in Albanian)

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