About Us

What is Easypay?

EasyPay is an ewallet solution which offers a large portfolio of local services including utility payments, mobile topups, taxes & police fines, e-commerce payments, mircoloan payments, etc, all in the Albanian local currency (ALL). We offer real time payments for all registered customers through the EasyPay mobile app and to all “walk-in” customers all over Albania, through our extensive network of over 350 agents.
Being the first online payment provider in Albania, we focus to target and reach the unbanked, trying to play a key role in the financial inclusion in our country. Recently Easypay has entered into an important partnership with RIA Money Transfer, the second biggest MTO (Money Transfer Operator) worldwide in order to offer remittance services through the Easypay network, with some of the lowest rates in Albania.

What do we do?

EasyPay is an online and mobile payment platform and a one stop solution for providing faster bill payments while processing effortlessly through secure gateways and making your transactions risk free. EasyPay mobile app is available on Android, IOS and Windows and you can have access to your account 24/7, which allows you to pay anytime and anywhere; from home or the office, on mobile or desktop, in real time.


Our goal is to provide maximum added value for our customers and partners; therefore our success depends directly on their satisfaction. We build our products and services according to our clients’ needs and focus on paying attention even to the smallest details. This way, we make sure that our customers enjoy their experience with us and have their lives made easier by EasyPay.

Awards and Certifications: 

‘Bleta e Arte’ Prize in the ICT sector (2014) – Government of Albania

Women of the year in ICT: Linda Shomo (2015) – ICT Media

*ISO 27001 Information Security Management – Information Security Management (data security) (2017).

*ISO 20000 Service Management Systems – Service Management Systems (2017).