Payments are simple with EasyPay!


Simply download EasyPay app from any store  appleandroidwindows-2 and start paying your bills only in few minutes…

Just before the download, please ensure you have the following:

Don’t have a smartphone? No worries, you can register from your computer or laptop. Just go to and create your EasyPay account.
Don’t have a bank account? We have it all covered, there is always a solution, go to any of our EasyPay agents and top up your EasyPay account. They will take care of you and your payment services. Go here for a list of agents and their locations.



How to register?

Simply click here, follow the steps and you will be part of the EasyPay community in a blink.
Don’t forget to top up your EasyPay account and start paying bills that are piled up in your table.

How to top up your account?

Click here to follow the steps for any of the top up options. Please keep in mind that there are some top up limits; for further info on the limits, please go to Transaction limits

Why do I need My EasyPay account?

  • Pay bills anytime, everywhere
  •  Check your balance 24/7 so it is never empty

…and while we check your details , feel free to pay your bills.