State Police and Tirana’s Municipality Police Fines

We don’t want you to get any tickets for speeding or wrong parking , but if you do, pay them on time!

Did you accidentally park on the wrong spot? You weren’t paying much attention and exceeded the speed limit? It happens to all of us, but thanks to the recent unification of the State Police and Tirana’s Municipality Police fines, now you can pay all of these fines with EasyPay!

Did you know that if you pay your fines in time, you can get a 20% discount and if you don’t, you will be charged with late fees, 2% of the total amount per day delayed?

With EasyPay, time is not a problem anymore. We have made it possible and you can pay fines in few minutes, anytime from your mobile or online and you will be the winner.

How to pay?

Online and Mobile:

  • Log in to your EasyPay account  and click Fines
  •  Enter car plate or ticket serial number
  • Confirm transaction and click Pay

** The option for paying fines released by the Municipality of Tirana Police through the EasyPay app, is still under construction. It will be available very soon on the smartphone platforms.

At an EasyPay agent:
  • Give the agent your car plate and the amount even if you don’t have the ticket with you. At the agent you can pay fines that are not yet inserted in the system as long as you hand over your ticket and also the fines with a court decision.
  • The agent will give you payment confirmation signed and sealed.
  • You will receive an email confirmation and sms that the payment was successful.

For further information on fees, please click here