With EasyPay you can top-up electronically 24/7 wherever you are including your mobile phone number, your smart card or your sport bet account.
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Try it now, top-up your Mobile phone
Mobile TopUpMobile TopUp
Top up your prepaid mobile account, use EasyPay!
If you have a pay as you go mobile phone number with either Eagle or Plus, you can top up your account with no extra commission rates; online, mobile or physically at any of the 320 EasyPay agents all over Albania.
We are currently working with potential partners to bring you the service for more mobile operators.
If you have a contract phone number, please click here.

How to top up your phone?

o Login to your EasyPay account and click Top up
o Enter the amount you wish to top up and your phone number. You can also choose a plan and then click Start
o Confirm the transaction by clicking Pay
As simple as this! Only a few steps and you are good to go.

Mobile phone


Try it now, top-up your Mobile phone

Pay TV

Take it easy…Pay TV

Sport bets


Can’t be easier….Sport bets